Shop For Home-grown Food At Our Farm Stand In Angola, NY

Shop For Home-grown Food At Our Farm Stand In Angola, NY

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What Our Customers Say

I went out to the farm to get my monthly amount of honey. This would be my first time there and what a nice family ran business. They got it so nicely set up so the kids could really enjoy seeing each of their animals in a safe area to see the different birds was amazing. I had to also buy my three decor ice cream cone. I loved the mixtures that have ice cream.

J. Pachut

This family rocks! The mom looks as tho she belongs with the wood elves of tolkiens novels, “lord of the rings” and her personality matches perfectly. They have all sorts of yummy, legit, REAL products to buy and you will not be disappointed!

Plus, goats? Anyone? Great times!!

Timothy H dude with liz, ev, and nathan

I tried a package of the Polish sausage and was blown away by the flavor. Definitely going back for some more next time I’m in town.

Tony Iacuzzo

My husband received your Honey Lotion Bar as a gift! Needless to say i stole it from him! It’s amazing! I can’t wait until we dip into the Hot Pepper Jelly!


I love that the farm has been reenergized. Have been watching it grow and establish itself. Will be stopping by as often as I can.


Drove past this place a million times. We finally stopped and purchased meat and eggs. Both tasted wonderful! Won’t buy meat anywhere else now.


Drove past this place for over a year and kept putting it on my check it out one day mental list. Recently stopped in two different times. Love the jam. I’m addicted to it. I don’t think I have had farm fresh eggs since I was a kid. Love the soap, too. What a beautiful business and people.


amazing! all homemade jams and soaps. the different flavored honey sticks are very tasty! I am not a huge fan of honey but with the different flavors I am now hooked. very friendly and warm smiles, very welcoming too.

Tammy L

Lovely family! Stopped for corn & received a tour of some of their farm! Thank you for your hospitality, we’ll be back!

Lori T.

We love their strawberry jam!! It is the best, you have to try it. Love the experience I had at my first visit.. very friendly and kind. Pork chops and rub were delicious also. Best of luck, we will be back for several more visits.

Amy V.