Fill Your Pantry With Fresh, Local Food

Visit our local farm in Angola, NY

There's no way to know what's happening to the meat and produce that travels across the country to your nearby grocery store. But you can buy directly from the source when you come to Urbanowicz Acres. Our local farm in Angola, NY produces a large variety of food for your convenience, including:

You can also shop for fresh fruits and vegetables when they're in season and beeswax products, all year round. We'll help you fill your kitchen with food you know is nutritious and flavorful. Visit our farm today to see our selection.

Get the tools for your cookout

Grilling outside with friends and family is one of the best ways to spend a beautiful afternoon. If you need the setup to make it happen, Urbanowicz Acres can help. Our farm sells Pitboss grills and accessories like grills, smokers, cooking utensils, gloves, thermometers and spice rubs. You can also shop for specific cuts of meat taken from local farms to make sure you get the bold flavors you want.

Browse our large selection when you stop by our farm today.

Make a trip to the farmers market a family occasion

At Urbanowicz Acres, we believe a trip to the local farm should be as fun as it is productive. Not only will you appreciate our friendly hospitality, but we also have many different interesting animals like peacocks and goats that will help you entertain your kids. You can rest easy knowing that shopping for home-grown meat and produce will be smooth and simple.