Urbanowicz Acres Farm

Our Story

Breathing new life into an old family dairy farm. once a full working dairy farm in it's prime has since sat empty for over 40 yrs.

It started with 30 layer chickens and has grown to 300+. We raise Cornish-cross meat chickens in the summer months along with muscovy ducks for meat. We also raise and sell Thanksgiving turkeys. All our meat birds are hormone and antibiotic free, raised here and the farm and hand processed by us.

In 2019 we started planting berries to begin making our dream of a berry farm a reality. We now have over 3000 bushes in the ground! We currently have planted: golden raspberry, red raspberry, black raspberry, black berry, blueberry, elderberry, gooseberry, currants (black, red & white). In the coming years we will offer berries for sale as they become mature enough to produce.

We also have our own apiary! Keeping bees can be challenging but rewarding! Though I never get through the year without a few stings as soon as I taste the delicious honey they produce its all worth it. Not only do they produce the honey that we sell, they also help to pollenate all our berries.

We are a full working farm, and I have a love for animals! I started with chickens, then added the duck and quail. I have 11 peafowl and 3 different kinds of pheasant. We also have goats and miniature donkey! As long as the weather is nice you'll be sure to catch a peak of them outside. Who knows what we will get next!!

Follow us on our journey as we become a destination you'll bring your whole family to again and again!

Enjoy Fresh Produce Straight From The Farm

Get honey, eggs and beeswax products in Angola, NY

In the mood for fresh, high-quality produce? There's no reason to settle for whatever you can find on the shelf of a grocery store. You'll know you're getting great food when you visit Urbanowicz Acres.

We offer farm-raised poultry, beeswax products and produce at our farm in Angola, NY. You can stop by our shop to find products that are grown fresh seasonally. Get the nutrition you want minus the preservatives and chemicals when you visit our farm today.

What you can expect to find

At Urbanowicz Acres, we go above and beyond to produce a variety of products to help you fill your pantry. You can visit us for...

Beeswax products and fresh honey from our beehives
Poultry including chicken, duck & turkey
Eggs-chicken, duck, and quail
Local organic cheese
Homemade authentic Polish pierogi
Homemade jam & jelly
Local maple syrup
Pancake Mix (Buttermilk & Buckwheat)
Goat Milk Soap (various scents)
Peacock Feather Earrings
Perry's Novelties

Ask about our current selection when you call 716-984-3453.

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