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Our Cornish hens are raised and processed right her on the farm. From chick to the freezer they never leave the farm. They are hormone & antibiotics free, raised on quality feed. We also sell Thanksgiving turkeys that are raised and processed here on the farm, they sell out early every year, contact us today!

If you want to know about everything you put in your body, packaged meat can be intimidating. You never know what kinds of food and chemicals were fed to the animals that provided that meat. But you can enjoy grass-fed, farm-raised beef and pork by shopping at Urbanowicz Acres.

We source beef and pork from local farms in the Angola, NY area to provide customers with fresh, high-quality meat they can trust. If you want a specific cut, you can choose from our wide selection of options to get meat that's flavorful, nutritious and safe to eat. All the meat is hormone and antibiotic free. Beef is ANGUS beef pasture raised on grass, grain finished. Pork is pasture raised.

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If you're looking for specific cuts of meat, Urbanowicz Acres can oblige. Our farm-raised beef and pork options include:

Get farm-raised pork and beef by shopping at our farm today.